Monday, September 7, 2009

Here we are... FINALLY.

Well, here we are finally. When Victoria of Lolita Charm started this blog up for me I never got around to using it... It was sad because I had such a desire to write it and let the world know what was up and down in the sugary sweet world of LNC. 

Just got back from Dragon*Con here in Atlanta, GA. As you can see, I looked pretty sugary myself on Saturday night whilst heading out to party the night away. It was a blast all in all, but now it's back to the workshop for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009! LNC and my new collaboration project, Sparklebutts!, will be doing a shared table at AWA 09 and I am super pumped. Sparklebutts! can be found at and we specialize in glittery creations cast in resin for pendants, bracelets, ring and more. We also have been taking some custom commissions including a Hannah Montana set, Little Mermaid necklace, a Tri-Force get up and more!

Anyways, back to the lolita world. We are just now launching a new cupcake line... Like in the beginning of the summer I was very pleased to release our Seashell by the Sea Shore collection including sandy yellows, ocean blues and mother or pearl lilacs, this line is going to be titled Radioactive. Inspired by Angelic Pretty's 2008 release of the Magic Whip line it will feature cupcakes of lime green, magenta and red hot red with colored creams and a whole slew of new cabochons to nestle into the cream. I am very excited to debut these items at AWA 09 and the online at egl_comm_sales and our lovely etsy store.

Lately, orange has been in high demand as well... All these unusual colors being requested by lolitas are exciting to me. I love the retro feel of neons and oranges and I know they will stand out among the crowd.

That's all for now I think... But before we part, let me share a list of LNC's links that I have been asked to share:

And as always, we are open for commissions, I am now delving into doing deco den and sweets deco cases for things like iPods, phone and DS's. Please e-mail us at for any questions or requests!